Happened upon The La's can't get enough

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Happened upon The La's can't get enough

Postby Ming-8L » Sun May 07, 2017 10:05 pm

My name is Susan, live in the states. I've been into music since '60's folk, the Kinks, so on and need quality instrumentals. Some big gaps of much music during some too busy or difficult times. Since finding The La's I've spend most of my free time listening to everything I can find, replaying interviews, reading stories on him/them. I got a kick out of journalists searching for "lost" Lee, love a good mystery. Yet came across a blog of a young Liverpudlian high school student musician who's been a huge fan. He located him, hung out with Lee and got a good interview, 2011 at Gary Murphy's. He is not lost. Yes, we lost much opportunity for new music. I care about the group and Lee, do not take kindly to any put downs of him of his work. Thank you ToneGravey for working on and posting items on youtube. My definition of The La's is the 4 piece band. Maybe 3 piece if sounds up to par or if Lee has said that is The La's. IMO I don't count jamming with Lee as part of the La's, even was more than once. I don't believe his getting out of the house to play or help out a friend is his definition. I don't want to say this but some of such stuff doesn't sound good. Not in tune, whatever. What is good still is not The La's.

Added a Lee quote, need to go back through articles and find the date. Music is not a face means a star, famous or not with photos plastered all over the internet for girls to swoon over does not make one a Musician. He may even mean music comes from above to be captured through a person, not of the person him/herself. That's how he describes his writing. He's said it's math as well. I find this profound, not off his rocker.
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Re: Happened upon The La's can't get enough

Postby Tony » Wed May 10, 2017 9:09 am

Hi Susan! Welcome to the forum. Well done for finding the most underrated band in history :)

That quote I believe ...

Lee: "Our philosophy is simple: if you want it, you can get it! And we really believe in our music - really. It's not about being a musician - and it's not about being a face. lt's just passing a feeling."
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