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hello there

Postby LeePleaseMakeAnAlbum » Thu Jan 23, 2014 2:05 pm

hello there. Im a 26 year old bloke from Dublin by the name of Dean. iv become a huge fan of the La's in the 6 months or so since i properly discovered them. yes Lee Mavers is the single greatest loss to music there has ever been that im aware of. still im really grateful for what little la's tracks we do have, from the sounds of things we never would have got to hear any of the la's if it was up to him.
I bet hes sitting on top of a mountain of fantastic songs he has recorded over the last 25 odd years that we wont get to hear. anyway heres to hoping that he or a prying member of his family one day release his songs.

oh yeah i saw someone else has done this so i might aswell too. i write my own songs so here is one i made recently that is very la influenced and im writing more with ever increasing la influence later. best heard on headphones probably (im not a great singer though)

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