Looking Glass two in one

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Looking Glass two in one

Postby Silva » Sun Jun 13, 2021 6:27 pm

Lillywhite Looking Glass has always intrigued me for a reason, the vocals on the first verse sound exactly like the 86 demo version. And after listening to this (the eden session version) https://youtu.be/3BWwKZgBmYM ive realised something. You can hear the demo playing on the background for some reason, and ive also noticed that the vocals on the first verse are indeed from the demo (you can notice that the choruses and second verse have a more raspy voice from the eden session, and have different nuances. But you can still hear the demo vocals on the background)
I remember reading on Macey's book lillywhite (please correct me if it isnt his quote) saying that some demos, like Looking Glass, should be kept untouched

So i wonder, did he try to keep the feel of the demo? If he did try, hats off to Mr. Lillywhite because he did it.
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Re: Looking Glass two in one

Postby Tony » Mon Jun 14, 2021 7:35 pm

Hedges said that... I think. It was not in Macey's book was it? But the Q article. And worryingly even web.archive.org has lost it...

I also don't see how they used the demo for the recording though they may be playing along to it. It is for sure doubled up

Edit: q article:
https://web.archive.org/web/20020606011 ... Qcorr.html

Mike Hedges ( producer )
I was brought in for a couple of weeks when I was supposed to be going on holiday. I’d been collecting vintage equipment and the desk we used was early EMI Abbey Road, which Lee appreciated. It would have been used on The Beatles’ albums - and John Lennon’s.

We did most of the recording on my mobile down in Devon. It was obvious that some of the demos the band had already done - things like Looking Glass - should really just have been left exactly as they were. During a ten-day period we recorded sixteen songs and then mixed them in a couple of days, banged out the mixes and delivered it.

One brilliant we had, they were sitting in the dining room of this house in Devon, playing songs. They went through about thirty-five unreleased tunes and they were amazing, absolutely stunning.

When we had more or less finished it, Lee seemed completely happy with it. Then Power and Sharrock went on holiday with their girlfriends to Hawaii. After that, Lee's attitude seemed to change. I was told later that Lee was none too pleased that he didn't go with them. And when they came back, it was all a bit sour and he decided he didn’t like the album at all and wanted to redo it.
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