sad story of the la's - mavers couldn't write second album

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sad story of the la's - mavers couldn't write second album

Postby skinup2020 » Sun Sep 27, 2020 11:48 am

aint that the truth? who knows?

i haven't heard any post-first album material that isn't just a rough chord progression or riff with an undeveloped lyric, with no arrangement to speak of. be it the two or three songs they played live before power left like i am the key, fishing net and rebound, the crescent tapes, the audio taken from the video of the band jamming acoustically in the studio or the 2 songs they played in 2005 they're all just fragments of songs. people like noel gallagher (claiming to have 2 cds worth of stuff that would blow you away) and john power (tinkering with something majestic) kept the myth going, but it's bullshit surely? has anyone who's worked with lee actually heard a new song with a full set of lyrics for instance? does anyone have "evidence" to the contrary? was the obsession with recording the debut again just a ruse, because he didn't want to show his hand and people cotton on to the fact (depite the bravado) he felt he couldn't follow it up and that a second album doesn't exist?

lee said in an interview that he hadn't written anything since 2001, but i'm thinking it's more like '88/90? what does anyone else think? i find the la's/lee mavers story sad and just can't think of any other explanation as to what's (not) happened or why not a single fully formed song has ever even leaked, despite people like noel gallagher claiming to have cds.
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Re: sad story of the la's - mavers couldn't write second alb

Postby Tony » Tue Sep 29, 2020 7:47 am

A few of the Crescent tape songs feel complete to me. With the caveat that short of a full band it's harder to tell. I think much of music is down to context, presentation, arrangement. I wouldn't say Sorry is incomplete. I wouldn't say Fishing Net is unfinished.

It isn't really what's complete to us that's the problem though. It's what's complete to Lee. I wonder if he would agree with you?

That's a deeper question. I don't think doing it all by yourself helps... Music is language, communication, a free exchange of an idea or emotion, I think it's pretty clear the La's has been at its most productive when there has been a feeling of unity. John Power is sorely missed.

You either hear the potential in the Kitchen & Crescent tapes or you don't. No big deal, not everyone dances to potential. I'm happier having them than not. There's nothing wrong with a little bullshit. You need your musical dreams.

I do think Lee suffered that first flush syndrome most songwriters get. You're new at it, you cut your teeth, and the songs they flood in. The songs just come in like the tide and it's so easy you just don't learn anything. It's what you do next which proves you. The difficult second album indeed.

What I think comes next is method, technique & dedication. You can laugh at that in the context of the La's and may be right to do so, but it's fairly clear to me now that Lee has been trying to work on his stuff all along. A few gaps here and there. I don't know about now, 2020.

The reason why might be esoteric, but it's pretty clear to me that, as we are today, Lee doesn't find he has anything worth releasing.

I can't really knock that attitude. You can't decry him for not releasing songs unless you think those songs are boss. Nobody is craving mediocrity at this point. We are already drowning in music we don't even want, let alone need. Everything else is just the blues: you can't lose what you ain't never had.
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Re: sad story of the la's - mavers couldn't write second alb

Postby The_Midnight_Rambler » Thu Oct 01, 2020 4:16 pm

I'd love someone to interview Gary Murphy about his time in The La's. Lee seemed more inspired around that time than he had since, possibly, the 80s. I agree that a lot of the 90s recordings sound unfinished, but I wouldn't be surprised if he made a lot of progress during that period with Gary.

On a related note - did you read that recent interview with Paul Hemmings (link below). It's really interesting hearing him talk about the 1999 sessions with Mike, Lee and himself. He seems to be of the verdict that, at that point, nothing was finished. ... arch-2020/
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Re: sad story of the la's - mavers couldn't write second alb

Postby Gav » Sat Nov 14, 2020 12:17 am

Just hope he's happy, whatever the reason for not doing a follow up album really is.

As he's not working in the industry it just seems that he has moved on with his life. And his fleeting returns to doing music work seem to be more like passing the time.
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