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Re: In Search of the La's: A Secret Liverpool

Postby Tony » Sat Mar 13, 2021 11:00 am

Re-reading it again was marvellous. Only just finished it myself.

Few tiny errors throughout but the kind of thing only, like, we will notice! Sorry was not played at Manchester, it was played in Cork. Think there's a few misquotes too, though would have to check; a Lillywhite quote attributed to Leckie, I think

Hard to remember exactly but when the book originally came out I bought it as a self xmas present and basically read it Xmas eve and the Lee chapters were a shock for even existing. I think at the time we didn't know Macey got to Lee - or alternately, maybe we did, but not in THAT level of depth. Really the entire Mavers problem in a nutshell - he's up and he's down. The epilogue is just so frustrating.

Macey is a really talented music writer - it is the passion oozing through.

And that unnamed fella at the end saying Lee ruined a better band and his songs are not aaaaall that - haha, and I thought I smoked too much weed :D
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Re: In Search of the La's: A Secret Liverpool

Postby Silva » Mon Mar 15, 2021 1:48 am

It really does frustrate me how during early 2000 Lee had home recordings he liked, album tracks and unreleased tracks, and we was looking foward to sell them on the internet and all that. He was so determined. Its 2021 now and still nothing.

During that period i was born and have lived 18 years of life, and still no news from Lee. It is really sad how his mood changes so fast, and how he sabotages his own genius. I hope he is happy how he is though.
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