Adam Ficek talks: B sides, Who Knows & Lee Mavers

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Adam Ficek talks: B sides, Who Knows & Lee Mavers

Postby manslide » Wed Aug 08, 2018 12:16 am

Apologies if this has been posted already but I was listening to this podcast. An interesting talk with the drummer from Babyshambles top 5 B sides and who knows comes up.

Some chat about working with Lee is interesting nothing super new - listen to the fridge hum etc.

its on itunes- Hardcore listing episode 23 adam ficek cant remember if it was in part one or two
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Re: Adam Ficek talks: B sides, Who Knows & Lee Mavers

Postby Syl » Wed Aug 08, 2018 2:35 pm

“ ..can you hear the fridge talking?” :)

Cheers manslide.

Part One.

The La's talk starts at: 00:51:50

Nice podcast.
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Re: Adam Ficek talks: B sides, Who Knows & Lee Mavers

Postby The_Midnight_Rambler » Wed Aug 08, 2018 8:58 pm

Makes for interesting listening, although as a La's obsessive hearing how little he actually knows about the band is oddly grating. The suggestion that The La's play the Shepherds Bush Empire every couple of years made me laugh, even more so that Adam Ficek seems to think he's been to a few of them!

The biggest revelation for me was that Mavers was actually a member of the Babyshambles for a few days! Glad that didn't last, if only for the fact that being in a band with an olympic level heroin and crack addict probably wouldn't have been wise for Lee.

It would be interesting to hear Drew's side of it one day. From memory it was him, rather than Adam, that actually worked with Lee for a solid couple of months.
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Re: Adam Ficek talks: B sides, Who Knows & Lee Mavers

Postby Tony » Wed Aug 08, 2018 9:22 pm

Cheers for the heads up. Who Knows getting a shout out was nice.

Lee always seems like he wants like-hearted souls more than mere musicians; things like living together with your band does nothing to deny that idea.

Good to hear the Syd Barrett comparison rubbished somewhat (they say Syd was more troubled). Lee a quiet fella; but a perfectionist.

"Listen to the fridge..." that'll be his tuning theory, alternating current's frequency is 60hz and electricity generally hums at A# or G here, B flat in the USA (I'm not making this up)! and it reminded me of him talking about the tuning of the universe, I've long assumed this is why is changed tuning, and "making music that harmonises with life itself" is the most Mavers concept I can think of)

"Listen to the birds" = this shouldn't be seen as weird, birdsong has been inspiring us for longer than there's been music. I didn't like one of them immediately going OMG LSD. Fuck's sake, liking birdsong means you're an acid casualty? Bill Oddie is fucked!

And they admit BabyshambLa's never got the tightness of the album lineup.

Interesting, I did enjoy it. Fakkin ell, dem accents bruv!

Few errors. Leckie did not produce the released album. No idea what the Shepherd's Bush stuff was either.

I never saw that lineup as having potential, for, well, obvious reasons. I can only echo the wish to hear Drew's side: fair fucks to the fella, he got Lee out and about as a troubadour, which set the template for Stripped Back with Gary, which led to... ???
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