Proposal: A La's Day To Raise Profile

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Proposal: A La's Day To Raise Profile

Postby Ming-8L » Wed May 10, 2017 12:05 am

I'd like to propose a La's Day, a couple of months down the road so as many La's enthusiasts will know about it and participate. The La's Promotion Day. The purpose would be to get the band noticed, trending as much as possible across social media, streams, downloads, you name it. Though Universal put out a CD box set in 2016, overall I worry that as time as marches on, we could lose some of our music and info sources or even purchase availabilities. We want to remind music fans of The La's and gather new fans. (Appreciators). We want to share and spread love of The La's to more people all over the world. Many major sites keep track of hits, views, and it would have a positive impact. It can help keep them at least somewhat relevant and the music industry might notice.

If we do this what suggestions do you all have to make this most effective? How many of you would be in?

While we aren't going to get to the top of Billboard :lol: (no current qualifying songs for one thing) many band fans do this. I participated in this sort of thing before and the artist peaked at #1 on Billboard as a result. I'm not naming the artist, kind of embarrassed I'm a fan of them:-) It might help to at least keep the group listed as an artist on Billboard and other mainstream and indie sites. #The La's.
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