2005 Reunion Sessions

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2005 Reunion Sessions

Postby The_Midnight_Rambler » Thu May 04, 2017 2:16 pm

Due to having a particularly quiet day at work I've been trawling back over old posts, reminiscing over the excitement of the 2005 reunion. A lot of snippets of info found it's way on to the site back then, based mainly on people bumping into John or Lee in Liverpool, or hanging out with them before/after the '05 gigs. Re-reading old posts has made me realise how much I'd forgotten - probably because we had no idea it'll all fizzle out after a few months.

Anyway, so it seems pretty clear that they were recording new material back then. Here are a few points I picked out from posts, which apparently all came from the horses mouths;

- Lee, John, Jay and Nick were demoing 'new' material
- It was being recorded at Badger's studio
- It was being engineered by the guy that did The Magical World of the Strands
- Everything was recorded in analogue
- John told someone they planned to record the 2nd album (consisting of that batch of songs we all know Ladies And Gentleman, Human Race etc), then record his 2nd solo album (what would become Willow She Weeps), before working on a 3rd La's album, which would consist of a mixture of Powers and Mavers material

Does anyone know much about these recordings? How much was recorded etc?
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Re: 2005 Reunion Sessions

Postby Ming-8L » Sat May 13, 2017 10:01 am

I'd love to know more about this too. Anyone know or heard anything about who's idea the reunion was, John's or Lee's? Anything known or heard about why the recordings didn't go as far as an album? So close.. :? :(
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Re: 2005 Reunion Sessions

Postby Gav » Mon May 15, 2017 7:43 am

I don't recall stories that recordings had taken place, rather that they may take place after the tour.

When Nick Minski left after the 2nd gig I presume that was that.
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Re: 2005 Reunion Sessions

Postby The_Midnight_Rambler » Wed May 17, 2017 1:15 pm

Gav wrote:I don't recall stories that recordings had taken place, rather that they may take place after the tour.

When Nick Minski left after the 2nd gig I presume that was that.

All of the bits I mentioned above were taken from posts on here back in 2004/2005. No idea whether they were true of course, but with most of them the suggestion was the info had come directly from conversations with either the band or people closely related to them.

Maybe the plan was to finish them after the tour, but, as you say, the lack of Minski put paid to that. My guess though is that, ultimately, Lee lost faith in it all again and things ground to the usual halt.
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Re: 2005 Reunion Sessions

Postby Clowy16 » Thu Aug 10, 2017 1:15 pm

There's a great JP interview on the Louder Than War website about the 2005 shows . Lots of talk about them being in a studio recording and him having unfinished business and that kind of thing X
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Re: 2005 Reunion Sessions

Postby Tony » Thu Aug 10, 2017 3:47 pm

Cheers for the heads up, and welcome!

http://louderthanwar.com/john-power-cas ... ew-part-2/

We were rehearsing a whole new album. We recorded them in bits and bobs in the room, in the studio we were in but it never really got beyond that. It was good because it kind of completed the circle because inevitably there was unfinished work. I still believe there is really with Lee (Mavers – La’s singer/songwriter) you know…to go back and make my peace. In my own head. At that time I needed to go back and play those songs again after the way the La’s petered out or ended for me.

It’s a funny old thing because you go in a room after twenty-odd-years and sometimes nothings changed an iota. The best thing about the La’s…and very few people have experienced it…would be sitting in the room. If you’re in that room with me and Lee and whoever was playing with us…there’s a magic and a wonder because that’s really where they need to be heard and that’s why its so hard to capture whatever it is.

There was optimism in them days but inevitably, with all La’s projects, it’s countered with the opposite. It’s a kind of tightrope walk between just getting anything to happen. It’s alright when its relaxed and were just having a cup of tea and rehearsing and things like that…there’s no real pressure…but I think when it gets closer and closer to the dawn and it’s going to have to been seen in its full light, then I think Lee inevitably sometimes will shut up shop and look for reasons why it shouldn’t happen…but I also do see now, much further down the line, the frustrations he’s had to deal with by trying to get other people or whatever it is, to play the way he hears it and demands it. I do understand and I’m very sympathetic to it. I actually understand the whole process a lot more now.

If we ever got back in a room together I’d probably feel what it is he needs but then he needs a band around him who can do that.

Would he ever go into the studio and just record it (an album)? I don’t know if that would ever happen. Would Lee record his stuff? That would be the best way I suppose, with a sidekick.

I do often think about the stuff that still hasn’t been fully grasped and glimpsed by people. I think the world could do with listening to some of them songs because they’re very inspirational but also sometimes maybe that’s how it’s meant to be as well. One of those things that can never really be captured. You know, catch a fire, catch a flame or a shadow or a glimpse of the light but it’s a very real thing when you’re there. I know it. I know it very very well. It’s very close to me but if I’m talking about people who want to hear the La’s and want him to do his thing….I want him to do his thing as well but I couldn’t tell you if that would happen in a physical sense like, “Here’s a CD” or “Here’s a download” or “Were going on tour.” It still lives and it’s very strong and I’m sure Lee is working on it as we speak.

Do you have much contact with him now?

I don’t have much contact with anyone and what I mean by that is maybe a good thing because that way I don’t loose contact with people. If I see Lee…and there’s been many many times recently when I’ve thought….(’cause I don’t live in Liverpool) but a couple of times when I’ve been up there I’ve thought, “maybe I should pop round” and I should…and vice-versa…but it hasn’t happened yet…but that doesn’t mean to say it won’t happen. Who knows what the future holds.
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