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Favourite quotes

Postby Tony » Fri Nov 25, 2016 1:16 am

Just wanna share a few favourite La's quotes and ask you lot for yours :)

" All the souls that have come through these docks, la, from slaves to f---ing merchant men - what I mean is, it's got something, la. Hey! I imagine the f---ing soul on a boat, a slave ship, la - imagine that collected feeling. That's been through there many a time - worn them stone steps down. "

Lee, 1987

"These songs are gonna go to the people and the people are gonna go Wow!"

Lee, 1988

"He was just gushing music," says Scabies. "He was really astute about what he was doing. I was surprised how experimental he wanted to be."
Mavers initially worked alone but was later joined by musicians including his brother Neil - once the La's drummer - and a Liverpudlian bassist called Edgar Summertyme, formerly of the Stairs. Mavers would kick a football around in the street before picking up his guitar. According to Scabies, he looked lean and was in wonderful form: "As far as I was aware his drug problems were no more." And the music? "Absolutely brilliant."

- the Guardian/ Rat Scabies, 1998

I think Scabies wrote a diary that mentioned Lee's time in his studio in more detail; I remember feeling quite peaceful with the mental image of him talking about Lee playing footie in between recording sessions.

Add to this when and if you want.

Peace all. Love this band. The music explain why.
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