Pro-active collective effort to bring back The La's

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Pro-active collective effort to bring back The La's

Postby sonofmavers » Fri Aug 19, 2016 10:13 pm

I've just finished reading Macey's In Search of the La's.

It struck me he had little book writing experience, but he went and did it. He didn't wait for someone else to interview Mavers.

What if we are all guilty of waiting and we are not playing our part? When I got into the La's in the 90s I was little more than a kid, but now I (we) are all adults, why are we not doing something more?

1. Do we want a documentary about The La's central figure? We have waited years for anything to emerge from that trailer, has anyone contacted the production company? Macey's story is amazing, Mavers is an extraordinary musical figure. BBC4/storyville should be all over this.

2. Do we want a 2nd album? I used to always think this was the holy grail but in all honesty I think its there already under our noses (kitchen tapes / crescent tapes) - bad quality you may say, but would Mavers not have preferred it sounding that way (he's bound to write it off regardless any how). There are over 40 classic La's songs already not even including the early Badger/Mavers stuff.

3. It's close to 5 years since the last gig. Will there be another? What if we started a petition for Lee Mavers to play live again? Again, Macey's book showed how small the world is, word can spread quite fast, the La's community is big enough for Mavers to hear about a petition.
Mavers is the closest thing to a real life hero in my eyes and if he could understand to importance of his gigs to not huge, but hard core fans, then that would be pretty awesome.

I'm determined to play my part and not just wait and expect fate to solve it, clearly nothing will ever happen that way.
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Re: Pro-active collective effort to bring back The La's

Postby westyorksla » Wed Aug 31, 2016 12:32 pm

"sounds as raw as a raw fish"
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