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Is the music actually out there???

PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 2:28 pm
by Dobbo83
This may seem like an odd, or a rather speculative post but id like to think it has some merit.

From reading many of the previous posts it seems that there is a view held by some that Lee is some primeval Luddite who cant upload his music, or perhaps doesn't want to. Often it seems ideas such as a concern about comparisons with previous work, the first album never being recorded correctly, fear of failure are also bandied about 'quite' a fair bit.

However, on the basis of some of the above conjecture, and his most recent outing as Lee Rude... is it not possible new material has been put out into the world without his name strapped to it?

I thought that it may be an interesting challenge/quest to surf the waves of soundcloud and the like to see what we may find, as it seems like all the hope in The La's appears to have vanished into the ether!

I think it may be out there, perpetuating the myth, perhaps the myth may come to us.