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La's Music Videos

Postby FishingNet » Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:12 am

Hello, I'm new here and an American (hopefully there are more on here haha). I've listened to everything out there about the La's, read everything on the internet I could find (and bought Macefield's book), pretty much scoped everything about the La's I could find out. But nowhere can I find the music videos they did except the ones for 'There She Goes'. Is there anyway I can see the ones for 'Way Out', 'Timeless Melody' and 'Feelin'? The sites I find these videos say that they're not available in my country. Thanks a lot.
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Re: La's Music Videos

Postby Ming-8L » Thu Jul 06, 2017 2:28 am

Non UK link for Way Out video
Just need to set up an acct. How appropriate Lee seems a bit angry. The video & vocals aren't synced well. It would have ranked higher on the charts if the video had been decent. I never knew Lee acted...unusual.. so early, in '87. But he could just be acting out the way out of economic depression in Liverpool, what the song seems to be about. Maybe a punkish flavor is meant, seems early to be so angry over recording issues. Guess not. At least he laughs in part it. I love this video in spite of tech issues.
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Re: La's Music Videos

Postby Tony » Sun Jul 09, 2017 9:52 pm

I think he's happy in the Way Out video, think it's in Macey's book, he's talking about being really upfront, driven, passionate, enthusiastic, exciting with the guitar to get signed; and that's what I think he's doing, what he IS, in the video. Love the little light touches like playing to the fella in the tunnel (Lime St?) and the DOLEDRUM sign at the end.

Listening to gigs, Lee was definitely happier in that period - talking to the crowd! Between Way Out and the TSG video you can see someone loving playing. As Neil Mavers said, in around 90, "the light went out for our Lee".

I'll always find it crazy that they had initially tried, or at least potentially, to record the album around then (EG, with John Porter in August 87), before TSG was even around. Put that way, were we lucky to get that?

Speaking of videos, the USA video of TSG is pretty awful - no offence :D
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Re: La's Music Videos

Postby Ming-8L » Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:04 am

Thank you for clarifying that, I have a need to understand! So that is the true, vibrant, joyous Lee. That makes sense. Now I know more about the real Lee. What a dark quote, I'm not taking that all the way. Yeah, the thrill was gone & "tuning out."

The U.S. TSG video is horrible. No worries, I found the la's from the Guardian. I love quite a bit about the UK, England. I'm glued to Masterpiece Theatre, so many other quality British programs. On a tangent, I only had time to see London when there, my fam left England 300 years ago from the SW. Nothing to see there, farms, market villages. In fact I'm a bit too much sort of Oxford style English. My mom, a Fry, was manners focused to the extreme. A friend's family ran an international hotel in Prague knew right away I had an English background. Hands in lap at the table, sit straight. :roll: The part Irish side was more fun, relaxed. My fam was sent here by the crown, yet later my relative fought the French & Indians w G Washington. Shame, I have a tiny bit of Indian too. I have a strong, long link with both countries. Fav author Dickens. Reading about Battle Of The Atlantic and Liverpool WWII heroes now.
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