Record Mirror - 21 November 1987

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Record Mirror - 21 November 1987

Postby Syl » Mon Jul 16, 2012 12:00 am

Scan provided by forum member hottscolland. Thank you.

Cover: Carol Decker (T'Pau)

Left to right: Paul Hemmings, Lee Mavers, John Timson, John Power.


Record Mirror (UK publication)
Issue date: 21 November, 1987
Page 34


Fresh, young and vibrant, from Liverpool with love - that's the La's.

Mersey pleas: Chris Twomey


This is no way to behave in public. I'd always wondered how to solve the problem of those irritating fixed tables and chairs found everywhere from Wimpy's to McDonald's, and now I'm finding out. You simply lift the whole damn unit off the ground and relocate it at will.

The La's (pronounced Lars) know about such things because they are getting quite used to eating on the cheap. Having had all their equipment nicked - followed a week later by all their clothes - there's not an awful lot of silver left in their pockets. And when they announce that the clothes they're wearing are the same ones they've had on all week, I'm glad that it's me who's sitting on the spare table.

Their unorthodox behaviour, plus the sight of these four unkempt scallies, attracts unwanted attention from other customers in the café. The cassette recorder on the table gives one or two people the idea that they must be famous. The name Wet Wet Wet is spelled on the lips of a young girl two tables away, but the La's don't hear her. It may be laughable to think that anyone could think them in that heady, kind-of famous league, but if things continue to evolve at the present rate it won't take long.

Just last year the La's began life in the unromantic surrounds of a Manpower Services music workshop for the unemployed in Liverpool. Having blagged their way onto a course populated by “technical heads and cabaret musicians”, John Power (bass guitar) and Lee Mavers (lead voice and guitar) soon realised they stood out like blown amps.

“We were the only two who didn't know how to tune up,” Mavers admits. Weeks later they left and by January this year the current line up, with John Timson on drums and Paul Hemmings on guitar, was established.

Employing the same cocky manner they'd adopted to bullshit their way onto the workshop, they got themselves gigs in and around Liverpool. What they lacked in technical precision they made up for in stamina and enthusiasm, gigging incessantly.

“Look around at any band who's good and they've done loads of gigs,” says Lee, refusing to concede that 17 gigs in 14 days is an extraordinary record. “Look at The Stranglers - in '77 they did about 400 gigs, so they were doing two gigs a night sometimes. I never thought of it as extraordinary then and even now it should be normal. Anyway, it's very difficult to get signed up when you're from Liverpool if you don't go out and play.”

It's all down to their presence on the Liverpool circuit that they signed to Go! Discs last Summer. The single 'Way Out' has just been released and, in a rare display of good taste, Radio 1 took it to its heart and to the nation.

A lazy ambient melody from the Stones\Byrds stable, 'Way Out' is a fitting display of the La's laudable dislike of hi-tech soul stripped production. It sounds as though it was recorded in someone's bathroom, but the band are at pains to point out that it doesn't represent any definitive sound.

The La's are not an easy group to generalise about. Their songs have already been likened to Latin American stomps, Sixties pop, music hall - even Greek folk dance! Try finding the common denominator amongst that lot.

“It's all folk music,” John Power retorts. “I don't care if it's f***in' Greek or Arctic; it's all music for people.”

By now the girl two tables away is realising how hideously inaccurate her Wet Wet Wet dream has been. From coming perilously close to asking the La's to sign her menu minutes earlier, she now looks unimpressed; disgruntled. One day she'll mourn this lost opportunity, you mark my words.

Chris Twomey.
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Re: Record Mirror - 21 November 1987

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