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Re: Hope

Postby gaetano » Wed Jun 06, 2012 3:23 am

da capo wrote:>As they say in Naples: "chi di speranza vive, disperato muore". (it means: "the ones who live off hope are going to die hopeless")

Wow, I guess that means we Obama fans over here in the US are fucked eh?

Nono, Da Capo.
Obama's first record was being the first Afro-American President in the history of USA.
Obama's next record will be being the first Afro-American President to be re-elected in the history of USA.
It will be a great sounding record! Pure, natural sound! ;) And, in the end, the await for said record will only have been 4 years!

By the way, your Mercenary Audio avatar gets you 1,000,000 votes in my world.
If you actually work for Mercenary Audio, can I be your friend and kiss your ass all the time in the hope I'll get a free RCA ribbon mic at some point? HA!
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Re: Some grace & patience..

Postby PaulDoherty » Fri Jun 08, 2012 3:37 pm

Bring back Tony Cascarino
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Re: Some grace & patience..

Postby westyorksla » Sun Jun 10, 2012 3:02 pm

eggyroader wrote:id love to hear the stuff he done with edgar at rat scabies studio, mid nineties me thinks

I asked Mr Scabies about this when I did a gig supporting The Members a few months ago. He didn't have much to say on the subject I'm afraid, and no, he doesn't have any of the tapes...
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