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La's memories of the recent past

Postby eggyroader » Wed Dec 28, 2011 3:27 am

no great tales but great to me as a massive la's fan for years, nick m is a mate and one night a few of us were walking past the room on aigburth rd,nick goes "just gotta see lee" so he disappears for 10mins ,im thinkin "jammy get" as we shivered outside,then the door into the yard swings open and there's mavers! "yous with nick? e are come in",so we go in sit down n mavers comes back in sits down and carried on his convo with his mate,then my mate nearly knocks over his guitar which i think was his red tele! and he goes WOOOO!,but we had to get off then,remember telling me bird it was like a beatles fan meeting lennon,she just shrugged!!
Talking of that room me mate was livin in the flat above (a few years later 08 i think) and we'd sit there drinking tea getting stoned and listening to them jammin!it was unreal,couldn't recognise anything specific cos it was muffled and they were just jammin but i remember one night standin at the top of the stairs with me mate(the same one their standing on in the lost la's album pics) and hearing lee play there she goes,and this other tune just guitar but it was good,bit like bo diddely,was buzzin with that one.then a few days later knocks on the door to the flat, walks in and theres lee in the process of selling the red wilson guitar (box set pics) to me mate, (who was, lets just say a supplier of organic material! to lee) arite la- i could just about reply with a arite mate,he's still got that guitar,doesnt even play it,it is fucked but he wont sell it, anyone know what gigs lee done with it? know is a long shot!!
but my favorite one was nick saying when lee asked him to join he goes round the room and says " im gonna have to jib that y'know lee.." but lee goes "ssh listen to this" and it was the vibration of the fridge "we tune into that"(ive seen this refered to before on here) thats when we use to joke to nick that he had to tape a cheese pastie to his bass drum for the sound,but it had to be cheese!!
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