Calling Will Hodgkinson...

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Calling Will Hodgkinson...

Postby da capo » Sat Apr 10, 2010 3:53 pm

If the label doesn't need Lee's permission to re-issue recordings do they need permission to allow past members to do interviews? Maybe it wouldn't be the best thing to do for an episode of your show, but hear me out:

I realize that you have a limited budget and things to do, but the only way that anything like a Classic Albums: The La's is ever going to get done is if someone with access to that sort of equipment/staff is willing to take a risk. I recently read both of your books and it struck me the similarity between what you went through with Davey Graham and what Macey went through with Lee. It's a shame that the 2 of you could not have teamed up to try to create something together.

Is there any way that you could use any of the equipment and staff to do video interviews with the myriad of other players that have been through the band? Surely they would know the stories behind the songs and be able to show most accurately how to play the parts that they personally added to the recordings. A video version of some of the type of interviews in Macey's book along with some lessons from the people who made the recordings would make a crown jewel in the eventual release of your show on DVD. Now that Universal has released most of the board's favorite recordings, your DVD liner notes wouldn't have to refer people to recordings that can only be obtained illegally and more people would be turned on to buying their expanded catalog.

You might even be able to film the interviews at LIPA in Liverpool and use the students there to save money on labour and give them some work experience. Not to mentioned you'd have access to excellent recording equipment that you wouldn't have to pay to transport. They do a masterclass series there and film them as a regular part of courses. Having you host one with John Power as a guest would probably go down very well. Maybe a personal invite from Paul McCartney (one half of one of the best writing partnerships of all time) would even tempt Lee down from Huyton.

Just a thought.

Here's another:

Since you make a show about how to write songs and how to play them, is there any way that you could work together with Apple to expand their offerings in GarageBand? ... ml#lessons

It's a way to monetize that footage in two ways and contribute to educating new musicians.

Possible guests:
Bernard Butler
Graham Coxon
Gaz Coombes
Johnny Marr
John Squire

Left handed guitar players that play upside down (try finding lessons for THIS style anywhere)
Gruff Rhys
Karl Wallinger
Jimmy Goodwin

All of these people are part of great songwriting teams. Stockpile the footage and sell it to iTunes if you can't use it for your show. Might be good to get some bass players in there as well, do a show about Freebass and you can get most of them in one go.

John Taylor
Alex James
Andy Rourke
Peter Hook
Mick Quinn
Guto Pryce

You have a wealth of people over there that American musicians would love to be able to learn from and this way everybody gets paid too.
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