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marbled jumble sale

PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2006 3:22 am
by Marbled
am thinking of compiling some cds together of my songs, a kind of last chance to hear these songs or me solo before work advances rapidly on my band The Alpha Waves. I was thinking of doing 3 cds, 8 tracks on each, all written and performed by me. cds are gonna be 4quid each or 3 for a tenner.. payment I guess is best via PayPal? obviously if noone is interested then fair enough, it's just an offer. the tracks are all well recorded, very clean quality and mastered!! 8) tracklisting would go as....

cd one
1. Life As Santa Claus
2. Age Limit
3. Dog Soldier
4. Don't Show Me To The Water
5. Blushed Lips
6. Insomnia
7. Brave New World
8. Ticking Clocks And The Time Lost

cd two
1. Water In My Hands
2. FM
3. Chase It Down
4. Repeat Til Fade
5. My Animation Cell
6. Water Falls
7. Birds And Bees
8. Bring Your Own Bottle

cd three
1. A Pony That Turned The Applecart
2. Apt Pupil
3. Locked Up
4. Caught In Fire
5. Cash Refund Please
6. Before You Go, Celine...
7. One Minute
8. Seven Days

yeah think that's about it. they'll have some artwork and look the good deal, I mean I'm proud of these songs and want them shared in the best way I can.
any questions? anyone interested?? you can hear a coupla tracks on
thanks for reading this guys and dolls