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Fishin Net Bass tab

PostPosted: Sun Dec 27, 2020 4:24 pm
by Silva
I made a bass tab. I figured it out since in the guitar you can hit the same notes on the guitar as the notes John plays on the bass. Although he alternates to a lower octave sometimes, you can still pull it off in the guitar.


The notes are right, but you have to find the rythm and how many times the notes are played by yourself, its not hard

If you want to play it on bass, play the outro an octave higher. Play the riff alternating between this octave and an ocatve higher. Start to play the higher octave on the third "come fill a fishing net" (C) and start to play the lower one when he sings "was it something i said" (G). !John likes to change it, but this is just an advice on how to start playing it!