Grr...Liberty Ship help?

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Grr...Liberty Ship help?

Postby redlandsman87 » Thu Apr 18, 2013 6:56 pm

Alright, so I've been trying to give this one a crack but am having a bit of a tough time! Any and all help is appreciated!

It's tuned a step down I believe, correct?

Now, I think (based off of Rod's tab...) that you pluck the open G string before heading into the verse, correct? With the main progression being...

- Pluck G

- Dsus2...000230...or is it the full 000232? (I THINK...If my ears don't fail me, he does one quick slap across the D chord before banging out into the...

- A (002220)

- G (Not sure if Lee does the regular 320001? Or his usual variation, 320010? Or maybe even just G6, 320000? This is killing me as it's tough to differentiate!)

And then just C and G for the chorus, right? For the C, is it just the standard? Or is it his "There She Goes" variation, Cadd9 with no high E?

Now, the rhythm is choppy, akin to start/stop slapping palm mute rhythm of Son of A Gun and I Can't Sleep? This is also a bit aggravating...

Could someone just give me a straight rhythm/chord tab, with a bit of elaboration on the plucking and rhythm?

It's funny, how each of Lee's song "evolve" technically on the record! He starts simple on Son of A Gun, choppa choppa, ranks up the speed of his chord changes with the chorus of I Can't Sleep, introduces "new" chords and an interesting intro/strumming pattern on Timeless Melody, with Liberty Ship throwing odd single plucked notes at ya with...

It's like each song is a new "level"...each subsequent song introduces a new "trick" that is further elaborated on, building up into the next you're supposed to learn them in order, with each getting progressively more complicated and intricate as each song pushes forward...:P maybe I'm just over thinking it! :lol:
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Re: Grr...Liberty Ship help?

Postby redlandsman87 » Tue Apr 23, 2013 6:09 pm

Never mind, sussed it out in the past few days.
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