Lee Mavers and 432 Hz tuning.

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Lee Mavers and 432 Hz tuning.

Postby redlandsman87 » Mon Jun 11, 2012 10:36 pm

Just read up a bit on some of the old threads. I'm rather new to the whole "432 Hz" thing, but find it quite interesting to say the least! I've listened to samples, comparisons of 432 and 440, to be the difference is clear...440 now seems shrill, slightly aggravating. Maybe it's just a mental placebo, but I find myself and playing to be more relaxed with this tuning. I've been in it for less than an hour, haha!

Has anyone else experimented with this? Concerning Lee, this is a pretty recent development for him, isn't it? I've yet to try and play along with some songs with this tuning, but does it match up better?

I've heard many doubts about it though, claiming it to be malarkey and "pseudo-science".

They say it's more pleasant to the the ear and easier on the vocal chords whilst singing, so I don't see any negatives besides trying to communicate it's benefits to other musicians.

Any thoughts, suggestions, experiences with this tuning?
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Re: Lee Mavers and 432 Hz tuning.

Postby Silva » Sat Dec 12, 2020 6:14 pm

Late reply, lol. But yeah, i've also read about the "magic" of 432Hz. I tried it out and never went back to 440Hz. 432 is much better imo
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