Ladies & Gentleman

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Ladies & Gentleman

Postby billyjoe » Wed Sep 10, 2008 1:28 pm



Em, D (xx023x), A, C, Em, C, A then D
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Re: Ladies & Gentleman

Postby Tony » Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:11 pm

As found on ze Crescent tape. A full step down if memory serves . .


Let the notes ring out for the intro, beat out the rhythm if you want. do the little bass fill with your thumb if possible to keep the notes ringing.


Em / Dsus2 / A / C / Em / C / A / Dsus2 /A / Em

If you haven't noticed you're going from Em and back again!

Rhythm for the lyrics, such as they are:

Ladies and----Gentle----men welcome to- gether Again

Hit the chord once for each syllable! So "ladies and" is Em three times in a row, same timing as the vocals.

The key to getting the sound right is the emphasis on the G and B strings; the notes formed on those strings hold the melodic element of the strumming pattern, you don't need to hit the entire chord. For example when you hit Em, strike for the G and B strings.

One little trick that helps flesh it out: Before you begin the chord cycle you can hit open E to start (like the last note in the tab above).

If this sounds tricky I've put a quick recording of this on my Soundcloud to give you the general idea:

All the things you catch by accident in a tune. . .!
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