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John Power - DeBees Winsford December

PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2006 11:06 am
by tomo


PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2006 2:30 pm
by Sushi
is that the place the hoboes played on 14th sept? (johnpowers birthday!) the dj played loadsa liverpool musickkk and it was a pity to leave but we were on the coach and i made a show of meself dancing i think, it takes a lot to outdo joey maybe.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2006 3:58 pm
by Tony
Jesus H Mohammed flying a plane into the Pentagon, someone start a John Power Live thread and just use that for this sort of thing because we can't be doing with a new thread every time he announces one night!

PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 12:14 am
by dougm
Tony wrote:Jesus H Mohammed flying a plane into the Pentagon


must use that one :-)

PostPosted: Mon Dec 04, 2006 11:59 pm
by jumping bean
The debees are putting on a bus from Liverpool city centre for the john Power gig-its only a tenner for return travel and ticket and they are available from
they are very limited but there are still some left..
The gig which is on wednesday 20th dec. will be great and its quite an intimate venue.
Support for the night comes from Paul Wilkes and the Drunken Boat who is worth the entrance money alone and for any of you who know Ella Guru then some of the lads from them are the drunken boat.
If you just want tickets for the gig then they are available at £8 from the same website as above.