The GDPR, & You!

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The GDPR, & You!

Postby Syl » Sat May 26, 2018 9:07 pm

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come into effect in Europe, Friday, May 25th, 2018.

Please refer to the Irish website offering information on the GDPR, here:

This website ( is hosted in the Republic of Ireland, as such, is obliged to provide assurances and progressive options to all users, to manage (download or delete) personal information stored on the server that hosts this website.


* Does use cookie(s)? ..and for what purpose?

Using your credentials, a user name and password, a cookie is used (stored on your electronic device) and needed, to provide secure access to the board and a specific user account.

The use of a cookie faciliates quick access, without having to log in on return vists.

There are no commercial issues surrounding personal data and


* Can I download personal messages sent and recieved?

Yes, this feature currently exists in the PHPBB user interface, any and all messages can be downloaded as a .csv file format, an Excel compatible .csv file format and an .xml file format.

* Can a user delete any and all messages?

Yes, this feature currently exists in the PHPBB user interface.


* How is the forum database stored offline?

Currently, the website database is stored on two identical hard drives (Western Digital), for redundancy, in case of failure.

The hard drive partitions are encrypted using TrueCrypt.

The database is stored/overwritten, typically, every two calendar months.

The forum database is also 'active', as this website, online.

Hosted by Blacknight Hosting, in the Republic of Ireland.


* Can I request to have my entire member post history and profile deleted?

Yes. Please send me a private message through the board to have your posts and profile deleted. Please note: This cannot be undone.

Any threads started by a user will remain, with the user input deleted, the thread will start at the next post, by the user that replied or added to the newly created thread.


* Can I edit/delete individual posts without a time limit?



*Are there any grey areas/uncertainties?

There are.. currently, I'm not sure if I'm obliged to delete, 'quoted posts', or not, as the quoted post then becomes part of someone else's 'data'.
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