A new La's fan

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A new La's fan

Postby Satis1878 » Thu Oct 03, 2013 11:45 pm

Thought I would say hello and give you my perspective of the La's from an "outsiders" perspective. I've literally started listening to the La's within the last 2 days which sounds daft considering I am now a member of their message board but thought I would share my views with an obviously passionate board of fans for anyone who is interested.

I got into the La's a few days ago when I was listening to Johnny Vegas' Desert Island Discs on the BBC iplayer. The man has pretty good taste in music and has an interesting perspective on life which is a million miles from his panel show persona. Anyway, I digress. His seventh choice was The La's - There She Goes. I am lead to believe Jamie Oliver picked this song too for what it's worth. Obviously, I'd heard the song many times before on radio/television but I'd never known what it was called, who it was by and where I could find it. When I heard the song amongst Johnnies selections I thought I would find out more about the band thinking they might have been a "one hit wonder". I guess that kinda is the case, commercially at least but that is just scratching the surface of their other great songs. I looked on their wikipedia article and was surprised to find they are from Liverpool where my parents are from, I grew up on the Wirral.

In hindsight I should have guessed where they were from because of the name. I read the wiki article with interest. One studio album. Critically acclaimed. Influential beyond belief, but sunk without (much) trace. Lee Mavers, one of rock and rolls great mysteries? A Syd Barret/Peter Green story perhaps?

Anyway, back to that later. I decided to see if there was a copy of their album on Youtube, which is how I discover the majority of new music nowadays, and found the full length LP, and was absolutely blown away by what I've found. I've listened to the album non stop for the last few days. I've found and watched every interview I can find with the band. I've trawled Youtube for live performance both of Mavers and the La's and whilst a little rough around the edges in the live environment at least, this truly is what music is about. Soul, passion, feeling, melody. They had everything.

What intrigues me is Mavers himself. Finding out he is a blue is a pleasant surprise, but the fact that he doesn't give interviews, doesn't release new music, doesn't put himself in the public eye at all, is pretty intriguing to me.

Anyone who can give me any info would be appreciated, what's his story? Did he lose his mind to drugs? Did he lose the love for music? I heard there are issues with being a perfectionist and that seemingly hinders his musical output, but is there ever going to be any new material released by Mavers/The La's? I've read that he lives in Huyton with his kids, does he get sizeable royalties for There She Goes, does he lead a affluent life? I know it's none of my business but again, I'm really interested in their story.

What about touring? I saw that they last player in Liverpool in 2011, but is he likely to repeat the performances any time soon? Some of his solo gigs on youtube are excellent, but how do you even find out one is taking place? He doesn't have a website, twitter, Facebook etc etc.

Sorry for all the questions, I just find the band genuinely intruguing!!

Thanks for listening guys. Sorry for rambling on. Hope it wasn't too boring!!
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Re: A new La's fan

Postby Syl » Fri Oct 04, 2013 10:18 am

Satis1878, welcome to the forum.
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Re: A new La's fan

Postby Satis1878 » Fri Oct 04, 2013 5:53 pm

Cheers la, thought my post had been deleted for a minute there!
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Re: A new La's fan

Postby kopite1892 » Sat Oct 05, 2013 12:43 am

Alright mate,

Reading In Search of the La's: A Secret Liverpool would be a good start.
Also recommend getting the BBC Sessions disc and the Callin' All box-set.

Welcome to the forum.
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Re: A new La's fan

Postby Satis1878 » Sun Oct 06, 2013 9:31 pm

Cheers for the advice, will track them down and report back...
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