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Postby omame » Fri Jun 22, 2012 11:37 pm

After 1 month since I joined here, finally saying Hello, from Holland.

I've been listening to the La's since 1991, bought their 1st album (Japanese version, no bonus tracks, but with translation) in Japan.
I thought it was a nice album, always one of my favorite, but I'm beginning to learn why they didn't like this. Gotta agree, I now prefer the other versions...

Just a few months too late to re-discover the La's, so the first thing I got to know was that I had missed the stripped back gig in Amsterdam...!

I became more and more fascinated about the band and its background, since I watched some videos on YouTube.
One of them was the clip of 'There She goes': not the old one in Liverpool with Chris & Barry, but the new one (in US?) with a stupid blond girl in it.
In the clip Lee looked so deadly unhappy... while he's singing such a twinkling song of his own. Why?????
That was the entrance of this tunnel-like searching process.

To me it's also fascinating to see you all so much in love with Lee & his music, getting excited and then disappointed over and over again... It's a story itself.
Let's hope that there's a happy end (& to be continued) somewhere in the near future!
...that's the light at the end of the tunnel...
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