what a band!

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what a band!

Postby ian69 » Wed Jan 07, 2009 10:35 am

ive only just found this forum, so hi to everyone. the la's are one of the best bands ever, but yet criminally underrated. to this day that debut album still sounds so fresh and every track is superb, i cant see why mr mavers hated it so much! does anyone know why there hasnt been a new la's album since 1990? ive heard all the rumours about lees drug/mental problems its such a waste of talent if its true. i only saw the la's twice both as a support band for inspiral carpets at gmex in 1990 and for happy mondays at elland road in 1991,both was superb. they played in hull were i live loads of times before that but i was too young to go. can i mention cast as well? i saw johns band about 5 times and again i thought they was great as well very underated too.saw john a few years ago on a solo gig in hull,but not really into his solo stuff. does anyone know what former members of the la's and cast are up to these days?can i mention the farm too?? thought they was a good band,even though a lot of people hated them for jumping on the baggy bandwagon in 1990 saw them a few times. them years 89-92 was a fantastic time for bands( roses,la's,farm,inspirals,mondays,james,charlatans etc). there are some decent bands now but nothing beats that era for me. your thoughts anyone? :?:
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