Computer illiterate

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Computer illiterate

Postby Jerzy Balowski » Fri May 02, 2008 9:57 am

Alright la's,

Been a member for a while now, looking in now and again. I live in Garston, the La's are my all time faves, but I struggle with all this internet stuff frankly!

Just got the new version of the album, brilliant versions of Clean prophet & Come in come out, can't stop listening to them two!

Anyway, I only speak to you when I want something (sorry!) - could anyone help me get hold of a good version of the 'nursery rhyme' Looking Glass please? I remember it from the early gigs, it sounded fantastic and I always wished they'd kept it like that.

I know it's bad form to come on the caj with a first post but I'd be very grateful for any help and will try my best to find any replies!

Nice one,

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Jerzy Balowski
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