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Howdy Doody.

Postby MiddleRabbit » Mon Apr 21, 2008 7:10 pm

Alright, folks?

I've regularly had a mosey through these pages and I find it dead interesting. I was around before, but as I was witout a comp for a while, I forgot all my details and had to re-register on everything. I'm afraid I have previous, in terms of winding up someone who was being a bit tight with swapses. I sent the fellow in question a Cast 10" from before being signed and a tape of their early demos (which I regret now, as they were a hell of a lot better than the proper releases, rootsy, I believe ought to earn me a slapped wrist). If anyone has any of those, I'd be interested. Mind you, I told Syl all about it in private and he sent me a magnificent DVD and demo collection which still blow my tiny mind. The generosity of spirit at least as much as the music. I don't even know if I thanked him for it properly. I suspect I did, because my mam brought me up to be polite. I hope I did, anyway.

As a bit of an old fart (just gone 37), my earliest gig memories are of The La's at the Hull Adelphi. They were a cut above most of the usual indie schmindie, although in fairness, I enjoyed a lot of that as well. Being subject to dementia, I mainly remember being shocked at how tiny Lee & John were. I'm no giant, either. I saw umpteen lineups of Cast as well and they were really, really good. I was very disappointed with the records they brought out.

I also saw Bullet, Neil Mavers and Cammy's band after The La's, who were good as well. My mate and I bought the pair a drink (each, yes) and they were extremely pleasant chaps. Dead unpresuming, no big I Am or anything.

I was also witness to one of the reformation gigs in about, er, 1996? At the Hull Adelphi. It wasn't too great, musically, but it was entertaining. Paul Jackson (Jacko) proprietor of The Adelphi was most offended by the whole scenario, but he's a pretty sensitive fellow at the best of times. I mainly recall Lee spending most of the time shouting at a kid (who I presume was Lee Garnet) playing a Strat with his fingers. Cammy was on bass. They played There she Goes at least three times, but it sort of fell out of jams that they were conducting. Or so it seemed. The gig ended as someone at the front tried to get over pally with Lee and got headbutted for his troubles. I thought he probably deserved it. Having seen gig footage that Syl sent me, I'm alsways surprised that Lee never twatted anyone else, he doesn't look like the most patient man in the world, does he?

Anyway, enough waffle - I've made use of 'Search' and it's not let me down yet. I was going to ask about electric sitars and the original Timeless Melody video, but it's already been covered - nice one folks!

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